Declutter Shoes

Purging Tips for Your Shoes 1. Throw out any shoes that are worn out 2. Give away or donate all shoes that don’t fit anyone in the family 3. Donate or give away any regular shoes that have not been worn in the last few months. Consider the amount of space you have for your […]

Changing Seasons: Clothes Closet Declutter

  It’s the time of the season: Spring is here, and Summer is around the corner. A closet clean-out clears the decks for the new season and gives even the most frazzled home manager a feeling of accomplishment. Whether in the children’s closets or in your own, follow these principles for efficient, organized clothing storage. […]

Ruthlessly Declutter Your Home Or Office

We want to get our priorities back in order and eliminate the excess. A good place to start the decluttering process is with your stuff. You cannot have space in your life for the right people, ideas, or possessions if you are overwhelmed by clutter. If you have the motivation to declutter, but not the […]

Live an elegant life

Choose quality, the best that you can afford.Once you can do so, you can pick out good quality for less. Leave poorly made stuff behind. Minimize thins. Have only one of everything. Do not buy anything until you have completely exhausted its use. Keep your home in order. Do not overload your schedule Do things […]